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Our past events.

The Kings Coronation May 6th 2023


Coronation 2023


Friday May 5th , the car was loaded ,the trailer mast and the pump up mast greased and checked out that all was working

.Antony  and Dan met at the Club Shack at 7am the next day. The clubs Kenwood TS2000, power supply, G5RV, ATU, laptop  and coax where added to the contents of the car. We then proceeded to Galley hill , Bexhill, JO00FU where we were met  by Ricky  who helped us set up the station. At 10:09 with the station all setup and working our first call was put out on 40M using the G5RV. The first in the log was  MR0NMI/A on 7.1725Mhz, a quick tune up the band to find a clear frequency and 7.18411Mhz was selected, 198 calls later we where still on 7.184Mhz after a brief skirmish onto 18.130Mhz for a single contact with YU7TME in Serbia.

It certainly was a club event, over 14 members participated either on the mic or logging or turning up to support. Alan and Jason joined the club  on the day and we had a visit from Gerry. The weather was wet all day, at least for 60% of the time it was drizzling. We where wet and then it was getting cold so it was decided to pack the station away at about 17:35.