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Club History

Brede steam amateur radio society was set up in January 2005 by amateur radio enthusiasts who wanted to operate radio. The club was formed to enable its members to participate in competitions and promote amateur radio. So many radio clubs these days have regular meetings and lectures etc. be it each week or each month, but there are few that are purely an operation club.

Six amateur radio enthusiasts got round the table and created all the necessary paper work that would enable the club to be established. It was not an easy job.

The first thing we had to do was to find a suitable venue. Fortunately we were offered the rooms in an old Nuclear fall out bunker at the site of Southern Water Board in the village of Brede. Hence the club call sign M0NUC. Although the Comm’s room was damp it did not take us long to clear it up and make it a better environment to sit.

The opportunity arose for the club to be relocated in the grounds of the 1st Brede Scout Group.  Here the members built the clubs new shack. In the middle of 2018 the club dismantled the shack and moved into its current location.

Over time the club has become more and more recognised as a club whose ambitions are to move forward all the time. Training and special eventing is paramount for the club, and amateur radio, to survive.