If you are looking for BSARS,

Bishops Stortford Amateur Radio Society please point your browser to www.bsars.org .

This page has no affiliation with them but suspect they are a nice group of amateur radio enthusiasts.

Instead this page is about BREDE STEAM AMATEUR RADIO SOCIETY, also known as BSARS, which is in Brede, East Sussex and which has a clubhose in the local Scout's property.

Brede Steam Amateur Radio Society, BSARS, based in Brede has a small number of members each with their own skill set. And together they make up a pretty nice and knowledgeable bunch of amateur radio enthusiasts. Like all clubs there can be problems, like a club secretary who is also a trainer and allows students to disrupt lessons with extreme pornography. The same student was allowed to be disruptive with his constant sexual comments, which constantly went unchecked by the trainer who heard all of them but allowed such to carry on despite the protests from the other students.

It may well be that the trainer, who would walk towards the female student with arms outstretched making groping motions with his fingers whilst calling out "BOOBIES" is nothing short of a pervert, just like his friend who kept disrupting lessons unchallenged.

This may appear trivial to some, but decent people like the majority of the other members would be appalled to know how this committee member/trainer also allowed his perverted friend to carry on sexually harassing female students with the following comments:

1) You would make a good sex doll.

2) Can you remove your underwear so I can see your breasts better through that top.

3) How about coming down the beach with me so the spray can go on your breasts and I can then see them better?

Complaints were made to the trainer/committee member and he PROMISED he would bring it to the attention of the other committee members.He DID NOT do so, instead he allowed his perverted foul mouthed friend to carry on and the committee were blissfully unaware of the problem that DANIEL ADKIN and his friend DAVID HOLTS were causing.

Daniel and David were reported to Antony Turnbull, another committee member who claims to have been shocked about the situation and claimed that he knew nothing of any of the problems. When club renewals were due and David decided not to rejoin, Antony told the harassed woman and her husband that because david was not joining that should be an end to the matter.

Obviously Daniel allowing perverted pornography to disrupt lessons, allowing David to be a sex pest and Daniel himself sexually harassing his female student was acceptable to the club committee because we were told that nothing would be done about Daniel's part and Daniel himself explained that BSARS has nopolicies on decent behavious so members could act as they pleased. A sentiment echoed by Antony failing to do anything about the perverted people within the club or the harassment of not just this student but also other women. 

I suggest that if you are ayoung lady, lets say 30+ years younger than Daniel, do not go swimming at his home, other women that wish to remain respected should stay away from this club until they get policies where comittee members can not act like juvenile delinquents with raging hormones. 

Offering a pervert who is not rejoining the club as the sacrifial scape goat is pathetic when people like Daniel feel no need to apologise for their behaviour and the committee backs his decision to be both a sex pest and also have no decency.

Daniel was supposed to be a friend. he truned out to be dishonest, in both what he said he would to to stop his pervert friend and dishonest in trying to steal people's amateur radio gear by pretending it belonged to him. He was assumed to be trustworthy when the problems with his friend were told to him, we never expected that he would see these complaints as an excuse to join in the sexual harassment.

Daniel and the committee (in particular Antony) have had almost a year to put matters right, but it appears BSARS and it's committee (Antony was asked to pass on emails about the situations so it is assumed that his fellow committee members know about all of this) uphold the lack of decency by it's own committee members, non-committee members and one of the trainers.

We and a few others will not be rejoining a club where women are demeaned and nobody cares. 

The club is on Scout property, some of us worry that Daniel may be a risk to the young people there. He lost his job at junior/primary schools, admitted that he was not allowed to be left alone with children during training for the Scouts communication badges, and has a poor track record when it comes to decency and sexual harassment.

Perhaps now is the time for the club to either sort out the problems it has created by allowing decency to be forgotten or close it's doors.

It may be that no club member is allowed to be alone with Scouts as a precaution, but we were not told this and the club has no rules so nobody knows if this applies just to Daniel. I would like to think that it is a club rule that applies to everyone to ensure both the children and club members are safe, but clearly if David rejoins and is with Daniel training chuildren there is a risk that pornography will be shown again during training, and with no decency rules the children will be at risk.