The Ultimate Amateur Radio Club

If you came here looking for BSARS, Brede Steam Amateur Radio Society you have arrived instead at information relating to BSARS, Brede Steam Amateur Radio Society and why some members have decided NOT to renew membership following several counts of sexual harassment towards female members.

Well, there it is, at BSARS, Brede Steam Amateur Radio Society if you are either training with Daniel or a woman supporting events you can expect to get sexually harassed.

If you have an ample chest expect Daniel to walk towards you, arms outstretched, fingers making groping movements and calling out Boobies. 

If he has any mates left, like David, expect that pervert to tell the woman to take off her underwear so her nipples show better through her shirts, or ask her to walk down the beach at Lighthouses on the Air, so the sea sparay can hit her shirt and again allow him to see her nipples better through her shirt, or maybe he will just tell her how she would make a great sex doll?

Either way both these so-called men should not be around women because they do not know right from wrong. What is worse is that Daniel is both the trainer and a committee member who has decided that as the club has no policies on being decent or how to behave towards other members, especially women, that he and his fellow scum can act as they please.

At BSARS, Brede Steam Amateur Radio Society, expect some filthy pervert to harass women and expect them to tell you it is fine because they do not have to be decent.

At BSARS, Brede Steam Amateur Radio Society do not expect other committee members to act in the members favour, expect them to closer ranks and allow such behaviour to continue until gthe club is either staffed solely by perverted old men and the decent ones have left, or until the club folds and Daniel has to start his own club where women are not allowed unless he can be rude and demeaning to them with his fellow perverted scummy mates.

BSARS, Brede Steam Amateur Radio Society, disgusting men and women alike.