If you are looking for BSARS,

Bishops Stortford Amateur Radio Society please point your browser to www.bsars.org .

This page has no affiliation with them but suspect they are a nice group of amateur radio enthusiasts.

Instead this page is about BREDE STEAM AMATEUR RADIO SOCIETY, also known as BSARS, which is in Brede.

My wife and a friend and myself are no longer involved with the BSARS, Brede Steam Amateur Radio Society as we find that the sexual harassment allowed by the club is disgusting. Club trainer and club secretary Daniel Adkin and one of his friends were allowed to be disgusting towards female members.

Daniel, during training, allowed the showing of extreme pornographic content by his friend, allowed his friend to repeatedly make lewd and derogatory comments to a female trainee and did nothing despite complaints about his friend David Holts.

BSARS, Brede Steam Amateur Radio Society, according to Club Secretary Daniel Adkin has no policy to stop such behaviour and openly allows women to be demeaned, abused and sexually harassed both by David and by himself. During training Daniel would walk towards a female trainee with arms outstretched making groping motions with his hands whilst calling out “BOOBIES!”. Although a childish reconstruction of a robot, it was not acceptable for a BSARS ( Brede Steam Amateur Radio Society) committee member/ Club secretary/ Trainer to act this way towards a woman.

His friend, David Holts who would turn anything said into a sexual remark (again a childish mind) would, during club events, ask the woman Daniel had sexually harassed if she would take her underwear off so he could see her nipples better. He asked if she would walk down the beach with him and get sea spray on her shirt so it looked like she had been in a wet t-shirt competition. David was unaware that he made her skin crawl and she hated being anywhere near the pervert. He even told her how she would make a great sex doll, and did so in front of her husband who along with the woman reported this to Daniel in his capacity as a committee member of BSARS ( Brede Steam Amateur Radio Society). Daniel did not inform them that there were no policies at BSARS to stop him or his friend acting in a way that most people find disgusting, demeaning and unacceptable, instead Daniel Adking said he would inform the other committee members. Daniel lied. Daniel did not tell the other committee members. We discovered this when David Holts was made the scapegoat and did not join the club.

Club treasurer, Antony Turnbull was contacted about the sexual harassment and all that Daniel had done, what he said he had done and how we felt he should apologise to the woman he and his perverted friend abused. This is when we learnt that Daniel had lied about contacting the committee because Antony was quite disturbed that our contact was the first he had heard about both sexual nuisances.

However, Antony decided that as David had decided not to renew his membership that this would allow BSARS Brede Steam Amateur Radio Society to pretend that David Holts was the sacrificial scapegoat, and we should all ignore how BSARS ( Brede Steam Amateur Radio Society) Secretary and committee member Daiel Adkin allowed such disgusting behaviour both during BSARS training lessons and at club events, and how Daniel lied about acting upon the info he had been given and what he witnessed himself.

Yes, you read that right, having a pervert decide not to join the club was all that fellow committee member Antony Turnbull was prepared to do about Daniel and David making women members want to leave the club, so we left but decided to give other people the facts as to what sort of people run the very small club.

Daniel lost his job at a primary school all of a sudden. Daniel has a crush on a young lady who may still be a club member, but who will likely leave once she and her family find out that Daniel asks her to come to his house in the summer for a swim in his pool so he can see her almost naked. She gives him much to fantasize about when lying lonely in his bed.

Daniel told us, at BSARS, Brede Steam Amateur Radio Society club house at the Scout Hall in Brede, that he is not allowed to be alone with any children. This was during a scout event when scouts were working towards their communication badges. We do not know if Daniel meant that all club members had to have another member present if a scout was in the club house, because this is not what was said. He said he was not allowed on his own with children, so do what you will with that information but please do not make it any different to the way in which it was told to two of us.

Daniel should not be allowed to borrow anything as he is somewhat light fingered when it comes to other's property. I leant him an expensive beam which he then had the audacity to tell me was his. I then asked for it back asking if the beam I lent him was the beam he was stating was his own. He admitted it was but refused to give it back, telling me he had put it on his mast and I would have to wait almost six months before I got it returned. After hearing he would be reported to the police he returned it along with a gun vise he had borrowed and failed to return. He kept the box of nuts and bolts I purchased for my own use, he kept the 3D printer filaments I lent him to try out.

I did give him a £900 beam that would not fit in my garden and a generator to use for the club who lets it's members down (BSARS< Brede Steam Amateur Radio Society). Everything else that was mine and which Daniel decided to deprive me of is now recorded as stolen by this dishonest and disgusting man.

Whilst BSARS, Brede Steam Amateur Radio Society continues to have no policies about sexually harassing women and whilst the fellow members believe that a woman who paid to be a member who then got abused does not deserve an apology this website and the details about Dirty Daniel and Disgusting David will remain in the public domain for the same period of time as it takes for a written apology from both the club committee and from Daniel to be made.

We have waited since just after the first lockdown for an apology and when Daniel came to drop off two of the items he tried to steal he shouted out that there never would be an apology as he had done nothing wrong. Being a woman hater who allows women to be abused by friends is acceptable to Daniel. I wonder if his sons are proud of him?

I hope he and the committee member appreciate that their negligence and reluctance to deal with the scum in their club has resulted in the facts about some club members coming out, which may cost the club dearly in terms of membership and trust.