Training for your Licence

Amateur Radio Licence Training

The club can offer the three levels of Training for the Amateur Radio Licence, Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced. The Foundation course should last about 10-12 hours and could be accommodated over a weekend. The three levels of exams all use the multi choice style of questioning.  You must take the exams in the order of Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced. Once you have passed the Foundation you can then proceed to the Intermediate and then the Advanced.  You cannot go straight to the Advanced. Please see the relevant page on the RSGB web site for Exams details.

As you progress, with the examinations, so will your skill and knowledge about Amateur Radio and various other aspects associated with it.

We, as a club, are fortunate that we have two registered trainers who can offer their services. There is no charge for training. The only thing that you have to pay for is the examinations and maybe your share of the hire of the registered centre to take your exam, but the charge for the centre is not always necessary.

Should you wish to take up Amateur Radio as a hobby and require further information please contact the club Secretary