One of the joys of training at BSARS, Brede Steam Amateur Radio Society is that depending on which trainer you get you will either get trained in a decent way by a really nice man or end up with a total tosser who demeans women, harasses them sexually and allows other perverted mates to interupt lessons to show disgusting pornographic videos regardless of who does not want to take part in such perversions.

If using BSARS, Brede Steam Amateur Radio Society for training please check who your trainer will be and if the committee has now got some policies regarding decent behaviour by it's trainers and committee members, if BSARS, Brede Steam Amateur Radio Society has not yet got and policies on being decent walk away because nobody appears to care what happens as long as they get money from you.

One of the females harassed by Daniel Adkin and his friend David Holts only stayed on so she could finish her Intermediate training, although 90% of the training material was directly from another club's website and Daniel did hardly anything in the way of his own training. She and the other trainees could have stayed at home to watch the slides produced by the other club. Towards about the middle of the training Daniel and his sons started to question why we rarely visited Daniel's home. I say to them and anyone who cares to know that this was around the same time that Daniel had lied about telling the committee members about David's sexual harassment and the same time that Daniel decided that whilst the club had no policies aboutr being disgusting to female members he too would abuse his position of trust and be abusive also.

What a pity that Daniel made it his personal mission to get rid of some of the other committee members and two of those people left the club. They never would have put up with such disgusting behaviour from members or committee members. However, all is not lost. The truth about Daniel ousting decent people so he could be disgusting with his mate is now in the public domain where other members, committee members and his own sons can learn all about Daniel and why his friends are no longer friends.


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