Jamboree on the Air 2014 – GB1FBS

Report by Steve (M0SSR)

On Saturday 18th October Brede Steam ARS (BSARS) took part in the annual Jamboree on the Air (JOTA) weekend using the permanent call sign GB1FBS – First Brede Scouts. It was a big surprise for the club members on the morning to find that 20 Phoenix Hastings Junior Scout Leaders (PJSL) were due to camp in the grounds for the weekend. This was good news for the club and for the JSL as the club members were able to show the Leaders what was going on.

Many of the PJSL took the opportunity of listening to what club members had to say regarding what JOTA was all about and how the station and it’s all its equipment worked. There were many questions and answers on the day including “Can we come back and do this again”. Some of the PJSL’s want to progress to completing their communications badge and others want to take their foundation licence.

Two past Scouts, and members of the club 2E0IJA and M6MCP, took the opportunity of communicating by HF to other Scouting stations and non-Scouting stations around the world. Other club members also took the same opportunity and at the same time also invited some of the JSL group to pass greetings to other stations. Because the PJSL’s are not licensed a member of the club with a Full licence has activate the equipment. This in no way inhibited the PJSL from talking and passing messages.

BSARS wish to thank the PJSL and their organisers and helpers for taking such a great interest and for making the day a successful and enjoyable day. BSARS also look forward to taking part in next year’s activity.

A total of 72 contacts were made during the day and a full list of countries worked is shown below.

Countries worked;

Curacao Is, Madeira Is, Italy, Brazil, United States, Norway, Ukraine, Uruguay, Cuba, Jordan Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Finland, Australia, Hungry, Iceland, England, Kazakhstan, Czech Republic, Romania, Republic of Korea (S. Korea), European Russia, Fed. Republic of Germany, Portugal, Croatia, Sweden, Slovenia, New Caledonia, Austria, Japan, Senegal, New Zealand, Belarus.

You may view our 2014 JOTA contact log here.

Whilst the JOTA station was running I ran a short test of the built in GPS of a Motorola DP3401 using a DP3400 connected to a laptop running software called TransTRBO. These radios are digital and analogue capable but GPS only works on a digital channel. Dan went for a walk taking the DP3401 with him. We kept in touch using the same 2 radios on the same frequency as the GPS. The software displays the position on Google Maps and the accuracy at a quite high zoom level was impressive, the marker was always on the road. We are evaluating this for possible use at Raynet events. Next step is to test at Battle Bonfire.

If you would like to see what BSARS are all about then please contact the Secretary Dan on

Martin (M0MJU)