Churches on the Air at St Georges, Brede

13th September 2014

Report by Dan M0HOWstg-300x196St Georges Church

On Saturday BSARS participated in CHOTA .

Martin M0MJU, Steve M0SSR, Antony G4CUS and myself Dan M0HOW had the station up and running, tuned up and at 08:53 the first contact was made on 7.187 Mhz. The first pair,operator Dan with Antony doing the logging the computer. This pair was replaced by Steve and Antony. These pairs between them made 58 contacts before lunch.

During lunch we had a visit from two YL’s, Marie-Claire M6MCP and Issy (my daughter) 2E0IJA. These young ladies took over the station with Marie-Claire on the microphone and Issy doing the logging. This pair notched up a credible 32 before their thoughts turned to chocolate! with that they where gone.

At 15:25 Phil G3MGQ took over the mike with Antony logging, we had a change of frequency to further down the 40m band. All this time Martin was steadily working psk31 covering a very good spread of countries across Europe.

bbq-300x225BBQ at CHOTA 2014

Later thoughts turned to food. Dan took on the job of feeding the team. No one has reported feeling ill after, but Martin was keenly watching to see if anything interesting was going to happen whilst I was cooking, I believe I disappointed him.

The end result of the day is there where 65 contacts made by Martin on PSK31, 149 where made on 40m phone, covering Ireland, Scotland, France, Germany, Belgium, Italy and the Netherlands. The station closed just before 18:00.

Our logs will be uploaded to this site. When they are I will put the links at the bottom of this report. Thanks to all the operators who contacted the station, to those who tried, to those who just listened and of course to our club members who participated.

Many thanks go to John G3XYF for organising the event and keeping the CHOTA website up to date.

follow this link to the log