Churches and Chapels on the Air 2018

Churches and Chapels on the air is an annual special event organised by WACRAL the World Association of Christian Radio Amateurs and Listeners

BSARS again took part this year and the station was set up on Friday 7th September at St George’s Church, Brede with the club’s G5RV aerial in an inverted v, the centre 100ft up on the church tower and the 2 ends on an oak tree and a large bush. The station was tested on 40m using the club call sign M0NUC/A, resulting in 26 contacts.

On Saturday, the day of the special event the club used the special event call sign GB0SGB and started on 80m until that band became too noisy and moved to 40m.Other bands were poor and 20m was full of contest stations, so alternating between 40 and 80, when 100 contacts was reached at 15:40, it was decided to close down.

13 Churches contacted and 1 Cathedral, Christchuch GB2CCC. Log is here.

Operators, Antony G4CUS, Steve M0SSR, Mike M0EDU, Dan M0HOW. Visitors, Steve 2E0PSK (thanks for helping with the logging), Dave M6XXO, Alan G0OFZ.

Thanks to Antony, G4CUS for providing the info and photos for this report.

Martin M0MJU


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