2018 Lighthouse and Lightship weekend from Dungeness

The weather was pretty good for this year’s annual special event at Dungeness. Overall 253 contacts were made on both SSB and CW (117 on Saturday and 136 on Sunday). The best DX being South Africa on 20m SSB. A .pdf of the log is here.

Countries worked over the two days were:
Austria, Belarus, Croatia, Czech Republic, Corsica, Denmark, England, European Russia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Isle of Man, Italy, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Market Reef, Northern Ireland, Norway, Poland, Scotland, Slovenia, Slovak Republic, South Africa, Southern Ireland, Sweden, Spain, Switzerland and Ukraine.

The pileups were ferocious at times, especially during the final hour of operation on Sunday afternoon. There was never a shortage of contacts and being spotted on the DX cluster a number of times helped. Operators were Dan M0HOW, Tony G4KLF, Phil G3MGQ, Mike M0EDU and Antony G4CUS and 2 visitors John G0GCQ and Rob M0LYD dropped by.

The club used a borrowed 30 ft mast and cobweb antenna on both Saturday and Sunday plus the club G5RV on the Sunday to enable operating on more bands.

Information and photos provided courtesy of Antony G4CUS

Martin M0MJU.


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