Training weekend report

Brede Steam ARS & Hastings Electronic & Radio Club organised, and ran, their first Foundation course over the weekend of the 29th & 30th October. This was a trial for both clubs and it is hoped that it is a way of increasing membership and encouraging youngsters into the hobby. The weekend was successful, if not a lot of hard work, for the students and trainers alike. Clubs thinking of going down this route need to give the weekend plenty of thought as to its structure and balance. It is important that clubs undertaking this type of training organise somewhere for the training and practical assessment to take place, in our case the First Brede Scout group provided the Scout Hut for the training and the BSARS club provided the VHF and HF stations necessary for the practical assessment at their shack. Breaking the training down into manageable bits will help with concentration and fatigue, on all parties.

All the local Scout groups were asked if they wanted any of their members to take part and interest was encouraging. It was soon realised that many of the Scout groups are currently rehearsing for the local Gang Show and as rehearsals are done at the weekend we were not going to get many students for our first weekend. The students we had did very well and they are looking forward to doing their Intermediate exams.

Thanks go to Phil G3MGQ, Steve M0SSR, Antony G4CUS and Martin M0MJU for giving up their time at the weekend for this new adventure.

The two groups are now looking to run their next training weekend and if you would like to take part then please contact the BSARS Exam Secretary on the clubs email of


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