From Steve G6ZZX keeper of GB3ES:-

Following a protracted period off air, GB3ES was returned to service on Wed 17th of Feb 2016.

The repeater is sited at Fairlight, approximately 150 feet higher than the site at Burslems.

This move has involved a huge amount of work from both Steve G6ZZX the keeper, and Chris M1BMR with numerous long winded negotiations with the site owner in order to secure a very favourable deal.

I have had to respond to many queries concerning the delays, if we had been a commercial customer fees in the region of £5000 per year were on the table, this would place the site well out of our reach.

ES has an ERP of 10 W as per the NOV, and initial reports are very favourable. We have purchased and had installed a new folded dipole antenna, supplied replacement RF hardware and a commercial repeater controller to get ES up and running.

There is a Facebook page set up- GB3ES Hastings where coverage reports can be left,  there is a picture of the equipment rack taken at switch on, it’s not fully loaded as the spare EF hardware is being prepared prior to installation.



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