Report on CHOTA 12/9/2015

Chota2015Report on CHOTA activity 12th/9/2015

Members of Brede Steam AR – BSARS- took part in the Churches on the Air – CHOTA – on 12/9/2015 at St. Georges Church Brede in East Sussex. The Church was first built in the Saxon times before 1006 and has been rebuilt, and added to over the years, many times.

The day started with rain in the air which did not look good for antenna erecting. Members bought the equipment from the shack – some 300 meters away – to the Church and installed it on a large table in the South Chancel. Unfortunately the door to the tower was locked so we had to wait until we could contact the warden to get the key.

The center of the G5RV was installed on top of the flag pole on top of the tower and the two ends went out in an inverted V configuration to two nearby trees.

The club managed to start only 6 minutes later than the official time to start, that being 10.00 am, but conditions were not terribly good and this was to continue throughout the day.

Members started on 40 meters where a few contacts were mad and when this went dead they switched to 20 meters. There were a few contests on the day on this band and it was not in a good shape to make many GB calls, so back to 40 meters.

Before close down members decided to give 80 meters a try but again it was hard work with contacts mentioning that they had only managed a few CHOTA stations. Station closed down at 16.15 pm.

All in all a good day was had by the members who also had time to sit a chat about many things from politics, history, solar panels and of course Amateur Radio. With no fixed agenda nothing was resolved but plenty of ideas as to how things should be done!

Thanks to Fr Martin for the use of the Church for the event as well as the warden for unlocking the door to the tower. Thanks also to the members who turned out for the day namely; Antony G4CUS, Dan M0HOW, Dariusz M0ZPL, Mike M0EDU, Phil G3MGQ and Steve M0SSR.

Please click here to see our log for the day.


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