Armed Forces Day 2015 by Steve M0SSR

28th June 2015

Armed Forces Day (AFD) is held on a Saturday, around the Country, and as local towns to Hastings have AFD on Saturday it has now become a tradition for Hastings to hold theirs on the Sunday. BSARS have been invited to take part in this event, for a number of years, and it has always been a successful day for the organisers and for BSARS. This year was as good as it has always been.

With the weather looking good for the day and the sun shining the BSARS team arrived at around 08.15 and unpacked all the gear. Dan picked up the generator from Martin the night before and he and Antony picked up all the gear from the shack earlier in the morning in Dan’s trailer which makes things a lot easier for loading and unloading equipment. While Antony put the equipment together Steve and Dan proceeded to put up the G5RV. This year we used a fishing rod with a nice heavy lead on the end. At the first try Dan managed to get the lead over the very top of the tree with just a flick of the wrist. Unfortunately this was to high and we would of run out of rope to pull the antenna up. On the next throw it went up in the right place.

Antenna up and an analyser put on the end it was not as good as it should have been but it was not unworkable.

Antenna attached to the equipment Antony tuned the system ready for operation. First on the mike was Phil with Dan logging. Mike, a friend of Antony’s, arrived and although not a member of BSARS he was able to use the key with Phil logging for him. Tony – the clubs Chairman arrived – and duly took his turn on the key. It stayed like this until about lunch time when Steve and Antony took their turn on the mike. Many contacts were made on SSB and CW on 40 meters with a large pile up’s. 20 meters was very quite throughout the day.

Later in the afternoon our two young ladies, Issy and Marie-Clare, took their turn on the mike. This always produces a pile up as many hams like to talk to yl’s with the usual results of yet another pile up.

During the day members of the club were able to see the all the events and presentations going on in the main arena including that of seeing Rear Admiral John Kingwell who took the salute for the day. Admiral J. Kingwell is a local man from Hastings and has gone through the ranks in the navy to reach his present position.

All in all there were over 90 contacts made on the day, which with such bad conditions on the bands, was not a bad number. Contact with the following Countries were made, England, Scotland, Wales, N. Ireland, Ireland, Belgium, France, Spain, Italy and Germany. Please see our log for all the contacts made. As the weather was turning cold and with a few light showers the team decided to call it a day. Most of the stall holders had already gone and it was nearing 16.00.

Many visitors came and had a chat with the team during the day and Amateur Radio (AR) was explained to them all. Strange how nearly all of them thought we were doing CB and had never heard of AR, so it was good to explain to them what it was and now more of the public are aware of what AR is all about and what BSARS do.

All in all a good day for the team, and we, BSARS, look forward to next year’s event.

Thanks to BSARS members Tony G4KLF, Antony G4CUS, Dan M0HOW, Phil G3MGQ, Steve M0SSR, Martin M0MJU, Issy 2E0IJA and Marie-Clare M6MCP

Thanks go to the AFD organisers for asking BSARS to attend.

View the day’s log HERE


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